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Astro B.yond

Astro B.yond is a multi-phased innovative service starting with the first ever High-Definition (HD) broadcast in Malaysia.

Incorporating best in class technologies, the newly launched Astro B.yond offers consumers more innovative services which will be introduced in phases. Starting with the first ever High-Definition (HD) broadcast in Malaysia, Astro B.yond will change TV viewing experience with richer colours, picture-perfect clarity and cinematic surround sound. Along with this, a new Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) designed for better viewer interface will be introduced.

As the technology infrastructure and hardware around Astro B.yond is future-ready, more innovations will follow. In 2010, ASTRO aims to be the first in the world to offer video recording through external hard drive. With this service, customers can record their favourite programmes and personalize their TV viewing schedules. Astro B.yond will also introduce Digital Video Recording (DVR), Video on Demand (VOD) and IPTV connectivity in phases over the next 24 months.

What is Astro B.yond HD?

Astro B.yond HD, brings you a complete sensory experience in HD C sharper pictures, more vibrant colours, cinematic surround sound, and a wider screen. Combined, it gives you crystal clear details and a viewing experience like never before.

High-Definition Television (HDTV) is the latest in a long line of major improvements in television technology, which has moved from black-and-white analogue to widescreen colour digital over the last 50 years. It offers you details and resolution like never before. To be precise, youll experience twice the resolution and five times greater detail, sharpness and clarity than standard definition television. Youll also experience cinematic surround sound and vibrant colours.

The features of High Definition TV

» Wide screen movie viewing (16:9 aspect ratio)
All flat panel televisions have an aspect ratio of 16:9. Standard definition television usually broadcast only in 4:3 aspect ratio. This means that the picture is usually stretched or distorted on modern televisions. High-Definition television on the other hand, broadcasts images in a native 16:9 aspect ratio, enabling you to enjoy panoramic widescreen viewing that most closely emulates the human field of vision.

» Crisp and Crystal Clear Images
The sharpness of your television image, or its screen resolution, is measured by the number of horizontal lines and vertical lines displayed on the TV screen. The more lines and the higher resolution, the sharper the images are on your TV screen. High-Definition-ready TV set offers at least twice the resolution and 5 times greater detail, sharpness and clarity than the standard TV.

» True-to-life Colour
HDTV displays lifelike images with greater true to life colours.

» Cinematic Sound (Dolby Digital audio)
HDTV has the capability to deliver high quality audio via Dolby Digital audio surround sound. Properly decoded, each audio track can be isolated to individual speakers around your TV viewing area to recreate the multi-dimensional audio experience you get in the cinema, right in your living room.

» Upgrade to Astro B.yond HD
To experience Astro B.yond HD, you will require a brand new set-up, which consists of the following:

    1 Astro B.yond HD Box
    1 Astro B.yond HD Dish
    1 new Smartcard
    1 new Remote Control
    1 HDMI Cable

As an Astro customer you can exchange your current Astro decoder to experience Astro B.yond HD. The above mentioned set-up gives you access to your favourite channels in High-Definition for an additional monthly service fee of only RM20. Kindly note that viewing of these High-Definition channels will be based on your current package subscription.

What is Astro B.yond PVR?

With Astro B.yond PVR (Personal Video Recorder), you can record all your favourite Astro programmes and watch what you want, when you want. See for yourself how it works. Just click on the four buttons below to record, rewind, pause or play the video.

The Astro B.yond Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is the latest innovative function from Astro B.yond after the high definition (HD) service, which enables you to RECORD, REWIND, PAUSE and PLAY your favourite programmes, including those on HD and if you have subscribed to the HD service.

You don't have to miss a programme again. Now, you can record all your favourite programmes and watch them at your own convenience.

The features of Astro B.yond PVR
The main functions that will be available via the EPG include:

» Watch One Channel and Record Another Channel
With the dual-tuner feature in the Astro B.yond PVR, you can:
a) record up to two channels at one time, or
b) watch one live channel while recording another at the same time, or
c) watch one recorded program while recording another two at the same time

» Recording Functions
a) Record instantly C record the current programme you are watching by just clicking the Record button on your remote control
b) Record by programme C convenient recording via the new on-screen TV Guide and Info banner

» Planner
a) All your scheduled recordings will be displayed prominently on the Planner for easy reference, and
b) Astro B.yond PVR will also automatically check on the space availability in the built-in hard disk, and
c) Live Tuner Conflict (When recording more than two programmes simultaneously, a conflict message will appear to warn you of the conflict).

» Rewind Live TV
This feature gives you the ultimate control to rewind Live TV and enjoy unprecedented instant replays of missed action in normal speed, fast forward speed, or in slow-motion.
a) The Rewind buffer is set at 30 minutes as default and the maximum limit is up to 90 minutes. If you want to adjust the rewind buffer period, you can change its setting.
b) When you switch channel, the buffer will resets itself every time you switch the channel. You will lose the review buffer and the review buffer will auto reset to the current channel that you are watching.

»  Pause Live TV
This feature allows you to pause Live TV while attending to other matters, and play it again when you are ready to resume watching the show where you left it.

»  Fast Forward
The fast forward speed of 4x, 8x, 16x, 30x gives you the freedom of time control. It is even capable of fast forwarding by 15 minutes interval.

» Slow motion mode
This feature allows you to play scenes in slow motion at 1/10x, 1/4x and 1/2x mode.

» Upgrade to Astro B.yond PVR
To experience Astro B.yond PVR, you will need a brand new set-up, which consists of the following:

    1 unit Astro B.yond PVR box
    1 unit ODU with 2 signal receiver LNB (wherever applicable)
    1 smartcard
    1 remote control unit
    1 HDMI Cable
    2 x 20 meter cable from new outdoor unit to PVR

As an Astro customer you can exchange your current Astro decoder to experience Astro B.yond PVR.